Local walks

There is some beautiful countryside around Ramsden – all waiting to be explored.

If walking is your thing (or if you have a dog), Ramsden and the surrounding area is a rambler's paradise.

Witness the wildlife, enjoy the flowers, marvel at the ancient woodland and be charmed by the ever changing landscape.

And always respect the ‘countryside code’ , leaving it unspoilt for the next walker to enjoy.


Suggested Walks

Ramsden - Akeman Street - Leafield - Pay Lane - Ramsden

Approximately 6 miles; 2 hours.

Country lanes, open fields and woodland including pub stop.

Ramsden - Wilcote - Bridewell Farm - North Leigh - Ramsden.

Approximately 7 miles; 2½ hours.

Mostly footpaths and some quiet lanes.

Ramsden - Delly End - St. John's Lane - Akeman Street - Ramsden

Approximately 5 miles; 1½ - 2 hours.

Part quiet lanes, part footpaths, part woodland.


Ramsden - Wilcote - Topples Wood - Finstock - Ramsden

Approximately 4½ miles; 1½ - 2 hours

Country lanes taking in Topples Wood and Finstock.

Ramsden - Leafield - Ascott u/Wychwood - Leafield - Ramsden

Approximately 14 miles; 4½ - 5½ hours

A long walk that would occupy the major part of a day.

Ramsden - Finstock - Cornbury Park - Finstock - Ramsden

Approximately 12 miles; 4 hours.

Explore Wychwood Forest and the Evenlode River.