Ramsden - Akeman Street - Leafield - Pay Lane - Ramsden.

Approximately 6 miles; 2 hours

From Ramsden War Memorial take the road south-east out of the village. After ¾ mile you reach a crossroads; turn right to Delly End. Follow this little-used road for about 2 miles. As you enter Delly End, turn left when you see the sign Wood Lane and follow the road to the centre of the village where you will see an attractive village green and, on your right, Hailey Manor.

If at this point you are in urgent need of refreshment, go on to the main road, turn left and walk a few hundred yards up the hill to The Lamb and Flag (real ale and bar food).

From Delly End village green take Whiting's Lane (sign-posted) out of the village. After passing the last house on your left, count two fields to your left and you will reach a footpath sign (also on your left). Follow this straight path for two fields with intermittent hedge on your left.




You will now reach the road that first brought you into Delly End. Opposite and just to your right is a footpath next to a 6-barred metal gate.

Take this path straight ahead between two fences towards Singe Wood. (St. John's Wood: this is an ancient woodland and a reminder that this whole area once formed part of the Wychwood Forest.)

When you reach the corner of the wood, go right and pass along the eastern edge of the wood to reach St. John's Lane. Turn left along this bridle-way (in wet weather this path is very muddy). After just under a mile of woodland path you will reach the B4022 and New Found Out Farm. Turn sharp right on to the minor road (Akeman Street) which leads straight ahead to Ramsden War Memorial.