Ramsden - Akeman Street - Leafield - Pay Lane - Ramsden.

Approximately 6 miles; 2 hours

Leave Ramsden War Memorial by the Roman Road (Akeman Street), passing the church on your left. The road runs straight for about one mile and ends at the T-junction with the B4022. Turn left and walk down the B4022 for about 50 yards. Take the track on your right that leads uphill to a 5-barred wooden gate.

The path now runs straight ahead of you through broad fields passing Chasewood Farm on your right. This was a model farm built by the Duke of Marlborough in the 19th century. Continue straight ahead (after the farm you may notice traces on your left and right of an old World War II airfield).

The path now drops down to meet a country road marked Crawley (left) and Leafield (straight ahead); you turn sharp right and follow the narrow road for about 350 yards (signed Orchard Farm). When the road swings sharp left to Leafield, you leave it and carry straight ahead along the marked path.

This is a narrow path between tall hedges. After just under a mile you will reach Greenwich Farm on your right and two houses on your left, Woodlands Cottage and Greenwich Lodge. Take the footpath between these two houses, marked Witney Lane, and walk straight ahead through two fields to emerge on the road on the southern outskirts of Leafield. Turn right and follow the road to Leafield church.

(At the church you may either turn left and make your way into the centre of the village for The Fox, or turn right and follow the Ramsden road for about ¾ mile to The Pearl).

Immediately after The Pearl, turn right down Greenwich Lane to Greenwich Farm. At the farm turn left and follow Pay Lane through Blindwell Wood, part of an ancient woodland. This is quite thick in summer. Continue for about one mile until you reach New Found Out Farm. Pass through the farmyard and you will find yourself back at the junction of the B4022 and the Roman Road. Follow the Roman Road back into Ramsden.